Our mission is to embrace our local surroundings and offer guests an authentic and original experience, filled with the history and folklore of the Val d'Hérens. Whatever the season, Eringer Hotel prioritises sustainable tourism to support and protect our environment. We offer our guests a balance between tradition and innovation, whilst never losing touch with our Valaisan roots.

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Feels like home

Dive into Eringer Hotel's warm and welcoming atmosphere, where the cosy decor and dedicated staff will make you feel right at home.

Nature first

From the way it was built to the way it is operated, Eringer Hotel prioritises environmentally friendly and sustainable choices to reduce its carbon footprint and to play its part in our global responsibility towards our planet.

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Sustainable construction

Our rooms were prefabricated less than 65 km from the hotel using wood from sustainable forestry operations and according to a new Valaisan design concept developed by Modubois and awarded the Prix Créateurs 2019 by the BCVs.
The prefabricated rooms are the result of meticulous work and a pooling of interdisciplinary skills involving engineers, architects, master carpenters, timber merchants and construction professionals. This has resulted in the creation of an innovative product that is unique in Switzerland and one where ecology is at the heart of the process.

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A reduced carbon footprint

Solar panels and thermal energy allow us to significantly reduce our energy consumption throughout the year. In fact, the thermal water from the Combioula springs is turbined to produce enough energy for the entire complex. Double-flow ventilation provides optimal comfort for all our guests, without the need for an energy-intensive air-conditioning system.

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Sustainable and local services

Sustainability drives all of our decisions. Eringer Hotel bottles the local spring water and makes it available to its guests under the Eringer Water brand, reducing the production and waste of plastic bottles or the transport of glass bottles. Furthermore, we collaborate with the brand Stop The Water, which produces certified 100% natural, vegan, recyclable and reusable cosmetic products. Guests can rent premium ski clothing with our partner, Cirkel Supply Co. By ordering through Cirkel’s website, guests can receive their rental directly to their hotel room. We also favour sustainable items in our selection of welcome products as well as using local and seasonal products in our kitchens.

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Sustainable and local services

Our guests can rent high-end ski clothing from our partner Cirkel Supply Co. By ordering through Cirkel's website, guests can receive their rental directly to their hotel room.

Finally, we prioritize eco-friendly items in our selection of hospitality products as well as local and seasonal products for our catering offerings.

Planning a ski trip to Heremance but don't want to travel with heavy luggage? With our partner Cirkel Supply Co. you can travel light and in a more sustainable way. Rent outerwear for all ages online (jackets, ski pants, mid layers, gloves) and have it delivered directly to our hotel. Simply select "Eringer Hotel" as your "Hotel of Stay" at check-out and your order will be waiting for you upon arrival.

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